Parent and Baby Swim is an infant introductory aquatic class designed for both the parent and child to be in the water. Parent and Baby Swim lessons will help educate adults on how to be safe in the water with their infant. Swim instructors engage children to feel comfortable in the water by singing songs, repeating skills, and most importantly having fun!

Not only will infants gain confidence in the water, group activities will help to promote relationship building skills with other children. Parent and Baby Swim provides a pleasantly secure atmosphere for infants and is a great opportunity to bond with your child.

Parents will learn how to:

  • Exit and enter the pool safely with their child.
  • Hold child in optimal swimming positions to maximize the comfort of child.
  • Ensure their child has a fun and safe experience in the water.

Each child will learn how to:

  • Grasp onto the pool wall without assistance.
  • Maneuver while holding on to the pool wall.
  • Float on their back.
  • Kick legs on front an back.
  • Become accustomed to putting face in the water.
  • Jump into pool both sitting and standing.
  • Climb out of pool without assistance.

***Diaper Policy:  Reusable swim diapers are required. Regular diapers are not permitted in the water. All swim diapers should fit snug around stomach and thighs.

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