Samantha has been a swimming coach to our son Kenneth for three years. Fourth months prior to the journey, Kenneth knew nothing about swimming. He was barely able to float in water. As a coach, Samantha demonstrates an exceptional professionalism. Additionally, she is passionate for teaching in her empathy for adolescents. She is a coach, friend, and big sister.

Samantha always executes an effective communication with parents and students alike. She often sends out update emails or makes phone calls so that everyone is aligned. At the same time, she welcomes parents’ feedback. For example, in the beginning, Kenneth could not grasp the skill of diving. After we expressed our concern to her, Samantha voluntarily stayed late and coached him for 15 minutes after each swimming session.

What impressed us the most is Samantha’s ability to build and lead a team. Under her leadership, guidance, and inspiration, each member understands the meaning of teamwork and how individual commitment can contribute towards a group effect. During competitions with other swimming teams, her team’s kids remember that talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Whether win or lose, my son always comes home with a big smile along with the prizes given by his coach, and we parents always treasure these prizes and treat them as memorandums to remind us of our child’s milestones. We are proud to recommend Samantha unconditionally as anybody’s swimming coach.
— Dr. Min Zhou and Alex King (Kenneth's Parents)

Swimming has been such a major part of my life. It has shown me how to persevere and work hard towards a goal. It has even developed my leadership skills, which I now use as an executive board member of a college club. I was also able to use swimming to get a job as a lifeguard and later, moved on to swim for my college varsity swim team. Sam is, by far, one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. She was able to balance being both a coach and a friend. She has helped me perfect my strokes and has encouraged me to do my best. Being under Sam’s coaching has made me view swimming as sport than can be both fun and competitive.
— Nastassia Chittumuri

Samantha Oyola is a wonderful instructor and coach. She is very professional when coaching, and pushes her swimmers to the best of their ability. Not only does she motivate us, she constantly corrects our technique, which helps to improve our skills day by day. It is a great pleasure being her student and trainee, if weren’t for her capability of coaching us with so much passion and determination, our swim team wouldn’t have improved as much without her. I owe it all to her for still keeping the passion of swimming within me.
— Pamela Barroso

During the time I was under Sam’s tutelage, I was able to become a better swimmer, improve my work ethic, and form a family within the people I had worked with. While gradually training at my own pace, I was also constantly pushed and motivated to improve. I worked efficiently with drills and multiple laps to increase my technique as well as my stamina. By the end of my duration of my training under Sam, I dramatically increased my endurance and improved my form as well. I had earned an award for “Most Improved” swimmer, as well as achieving a personal feat of physical fitness. Secondly, as I worked harder, I worked smarter too. I learned through constant encouragement and effective training that, if I wanted to improve, it would have to take time and effort. In this way, I had achieved the mindset to never stop moving forward. Finally, the bonds that I’ve formed with those around me resembled those of a family. Being able to train with people similar to me and with similar goals, I was even more encouraged to work hard in taking what was mine. Therefore, under Sam as my coach, I was able to grow as a swimmer, grow as a person, and form long lasting friendships with the people around me.
— Kenneth Co

Growing up, I dabbled in many sports trying to find one that I really liked. Then I joined Sam’s swim team and she helped me enjoy swimming to a point where it’s now the only sport in which I invest my time. She created a fun environment that was both challenging and encouraging. She also explained and helped improve the little details of my strokes which has made me a better and faster swimmer. I am now in my high school’s varsity swim team and I look forward to joining a college team. I currently assist teaching kids how to swim and often use some of Sam’s techniques.
— Isabella Chittumuri